Terms and conditions


The following terms & conditions apply unless other written arrangements have been made with us in advance.

1. All fees are due for payment on completion of the work carried out that day.

2. Payment may be made by cash or payment card.

3. Overdue fees, which remain unpaid, may be collected through an independent debt collection organisation. In this event you may become liable to additional costs.

4. Overdue fees, which remain unpaid, will become liable to interest charges on the amount owing from the date on which the fees became due.


All components supplied & fitted by “Astrofix” are guaranteed against defects in manufacture and workmanship for a period of 12 Months from the date of completion. This guarantee is subject to all of the following terms, conditions and limitations.

1. This guarantee covers only the individual components supplied and fitted by “Astrofix”, and the workmanship carried out by “Astrofix” in relation to the fitting of the component. This guarantee does not extend to any other part of the machine, or to any other system connected to or with the machine.

2. This guarantee is limited up to a maximum of, the replacement of the faulty component (where this is deemed necessary) or (at our discretion) a refund of the money paid.

3. No liability will be accepted for any consequential loss, damage or injury however caused.

4. Where it is agreed to refund any money, this will be less the standard call-out fee in force for the original (diagnosis) visit.

5. This guarantee is only valid if all fees due have been paid in full, and a receipt can be produced.

6. This guarantee is not valid in any of the following circumstances

  1. You were told of an underlying problem that may cause the fault to reoccur.
  2. An unauthorised repair to the machine has been attempted.
  3. Either the manufacturers instructions or instructions given by us (including verbally) have not been followed, or the machine has been operated or used incorrectly.
  4. The machine is not correctly and properly installed or access to the machine, or any of its services, is hindered in any way (e.g. by floor tiles preventing the machine from being withdrawn from under a worktop).
  5. The reoccurrence of the fault was not notified to us in a reasonable amount of time (a maximum of four weeks)

7. Acceptance to any liability is at our discretion.


1. Personal information you supply (including email address) will be kept secure and confidential as far as possible. It will not be sold or disclosed to any outside company or individual.

2. Your details will only be used for the purpose of administration and record keeping in relation to the business of Astrofix.

3. We may very occasionally send a short newsletter to inform you of the products & services provided by Astrofix. Please inform us if you do not wish to receive this information.

4. On very rare occasions we may ask you to provide a testimonial for independent vetting purposes or answer a customer satisfaction survey. Please inform us if you would rather not be asked to help in this way.

The information given on this page is subject availability, and subject to change without notice.

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